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Getting started with Bakesy

Welcome to Bakesy! We want to make this transition as seamless as possible. Bakesy has tons of features that will make your life easier.

Your Bakesy Shop can be personalized so you look professional and maintain your unique brand voice. To ensure that you set up your Bakesy Shop for success, check out the topics below.

For specific questions, check out our Help Guide.

Can't find what you're looking for? Message us within the app!

Table of contents

Uploading your Business Logo

To upload your business logo, select 'account' on the bottom menu, then tap the profile icon on the top left-side of the screen.

In addition to being displayed on your Bakesy Shop, your logo will be shown on invoices and receipts sent to customers.

Don't have a logo? Check out Fiverr - Fiverr is a marketplace that connects you with freelancers and is a great place to get a professional logo created for your business that won't break the bank.

Tip: Before picking a freelancer, be sure to look at their past work to see if the style aligns with what you're looking for.

Your Bakesy Shop's Appearance

To change your Bakesy Shop's appearance, select 'account' on the bottom menu, then tap 'Customize My Bakesy Shop' - then tap 'Shop Appearance'

On this screen you'll be able to upload a cover photo for your Bakesy Shop's homepage (recommended image size 1,860x689) and customize the color scheme of your Bakesy Shop.

There are two ways to go about choosing a color for your primary and background colors. To choose from various default options, tap the 'Change Color' button.

If you want a very specific color, you can input the HEX color code by tapping on color code text:


Not sure where to find the HEX color code that you're looking for? Check out this link!


Creating Products and Categories

To create a product, select 'account' on the bottom menu, tap 'My Products' - then tap '+ Add'

When creating a product, you'll be able to determine the follow details:

- Product name

- Product category

- Price type (fixed vs. variable)

- Price

- Description

- Product pictures

- The option to give customers the ability to upload inspiration photos

- Determining min/max quantities (e.g. having a 2 dozen minimum)

- Determining if you want to only sell this product in increments of 'dozens'

To edit a product, tap on the product in question on the 'My Products' screen. Click this link to learn how to organize your products on your Bakesy Shop.

You'll also have the ability to change the product status (Active / Hidden). Hiding a product allows you to remove a product from being visible on your Bakesy Shop without deleting it.


What are categories? Use categories to organize your products on your Bakesy Shop. When you create a category and assign product(s) to it, the category will be displayed as a menu option:


To create a category, select 'Account' on the bottom menu, then tap 'My Products' - then tap 'Categories' - then 'Add Category'

Select and drag to order how categories are displayed on your Bakesy Shop's menu.

To edit a category, tap on the category in question, then tap 'Edit Category'

Please note the following:

- The 'Offerings' category cannot be deleted by default

- Categories will not be shown on your Bakesy Shop unless the category has at least one 'active' product assigned to it

Adding Custom Sections

There are two different types of sections (Itemized and Text Box).

To create a custom section, select 'Account' on the bottom menu, then tap 'Customize My Bakesy Shop' - then tap 'Add Custom Section'

Itemized sections are best for things like color options, flavors, etc.


Text box sections are best for displaying information (e.g. shipping policy, etc.)


Creating Taxes, Fees, and Discounts

To create Taxes, Discounts, and/or fees - select 'account' on the bottom menu, then tap 'Customize My Bakesy Shop' - then tap 'Taxes/Fees/Discounts'

You will then have the ability to create any type of Tax, Fee, or Discount (i.e. adjustments)


Please note that you'll have the option to choose between a flat dollar amount or percentage when creating a Fee or Discount. There is no limit to the amount of adjustments you can create.

Once you've created your adjustments, you'll have the option to apply these when creating an invoice. Adjustments must be created prior to invoicing in order to apply to an order.


Creating an FAQ page for your Bakesy Shop

To create an FAQ page - select 'account' on the bottom menu, then tap 'Customize My Bakesy Shop' - then tap 'My Business FAQs'

Getting the most from your custom order form

To create custom questions for your order form, select ‘Account’ on the bottom menu, then select ‘Customize My Bakesy Shop’, then ‘Order Request Questionnaire’.

You will have the ability to create any kind of 'multiple choice' question or 'text box' question.

Here are some examples of common 'multiple choice' uses for your order form:

  • Select pickup times/date

  • Do you want delivery? (Yes/No)

  • What kind of flavor(s) do you want?

Here are some examples of common 'text box' uses for your order form:

  • What is your shipping address? (please include city, state, zip)

  • Please provide details about the theme of your event.

  • What is your budget?


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