Can I integrate Bakesy on my Instagram or Facebook pages for my baking business?

Of course! Bakesy is made to work in conjunction with these platforms. You can include your Bakesy Link on your social media (e.g. Instagram bio), as your Bakesy Profile serves as your own online ordering platform where customers can send you order requests that feed directly to you via the Bakesy app. Remember, you can continue receiving orders through your current methods (email, social media, website, etc.), and simply create an invoice within the app.

What are the laws and regulations around home bakeries?

Due to the recent expansion of cottage food laws, most states no longer require that commercial food production take place in a certified commercial kitchen. Home bakers should be familiar with their state and local laws before establishing a baking business, as regulations may vary depending on state and local county. Bakesy is a strong advocate for the continued expansion of cottage food laws, as home bakeries promote more spending in local economies, provide more flexible work arrangements, and serve as a launch pad for successful business creation and economic development.

Do customers need the app to use Bakesy?

No, the Bakesy app is only for bakers. Your customers can order online by clicking on your Bakesy Link to send you an Order Request, or you can continue to receive orders through your current methods (email, social media, website, etc.), and then simply create an invoice within the app. Customers do not need to create a Bakesy account online to receive invoices or to make credit card payments through our secure payment platform powered by Stripe.

What is Bakesy?

Bakesy is the simple all-in-one app that streamlines your home baking business. You will have one app to: · Receive order request details from your customers · Easily create invoices · Process in-app payments or track out-of-app payments · Block off calendar and show customers your availability · Track due dates for upcoming orders · Manage your home baking business on-the-go

How do I get started?

Create your Bakesy profile in as little as 2 minutes – include your offerings, capabilities, pricing, and gallery. This will give you access to all of Bakesy’s tools, including your Bakesy Link. Your Bakesy Link serves as an online ordering platform that feeds to your Bakesy app. Send your Bakesy Link to customers and include it in your Instagram bio and Facebook page to encourage your customers to send their Order Requests through Bakesy.

Can I import my existing orders?

Yes, Bakesy allows you to import all of your existing orders. This feature allows you to enter the following information for your existing orders: · Customer name · Need by date · Type of baked good · Quantity · Total order amount · Balance due · Order notes

Is Bakesy a marketplace that will connect me with customers?

No, currently Bakesy serves as an all-in-one business solution for your home baking business. However, we plan to introduce a marketplace in the future.

How much does Bakesy cost?

You will receive your first 60 days for free, then there is a monthly subscription cost of $9.99. Don’t forget that this is tax deductible!

Why should I use Bakesy Secure Payments?

While you can continue to accept payments through current methods (e.g., Cash, Venmo, Paypal, etc.), Bakesy Secure Payments protects you from losing revenue when customers dispute Venmo or personal PayPal transactions. Bakesy Secure Payments are secure and processed on Stripe’s SSL-encrypted platform with fraud detection systems to protect you and your customers. There is a small commission and a standard payment processing fee: 3.2% transaction fee, 2.9% + $0.30 payment processing fee Customers do not incur any fees, so you can bake this into your pricing!

Is Bakesy available outside of the United States?

No, currently Bakesy is only available in the US. Join the waitlist to stay up-to-date on international expansion.

Will Bakesy replace my website for my baking business?

It's up to you! Bakesy can easily be integrated within your website without having to get rid of your current content.

A lot of bakers embed their Bakesy Link within their site (e.g. adding a menu option that reroutes to their Bakesy Profile). Customers can then visit your website and send you order requests that feed directly to you via the Bakesy app!

If I don't have a website, can I have a custom domain for my Bakesy Link?

Yes! You can purchase your own custom domain online through GoDaddy and have it reroute to your Bakesy Link.

Can I still receive orders outside of the app and still use Bakesy?

Yes, you can continue receiving orders through your current methods (email, text message, social media, etc.) Just simply create an invoice within the app!