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Organizing Products

Arranging how your products are displayed on your Bakesy Shop is as easy as pie! Learn more below.

The ‘My Products’ screen serves as your master organizing tool for your products. This screen sets the order of your products for customers on the ‘Order Request’ screen AND within each of your categories (see more info below).

*To rearrange the order of your products, simply hold and drag the three lines to the right of a product until your product is in the desired location.

Organizing Products on the ‘Order Request’ Screen

The order of your products on the ‘My Products’ screen is how your products will be displayed for customers during the order request process.


Organizing Categories

The order of your products on the ‘My Products’ screen also determines how your products will be displayed within each of your categories.

Products in a given category will be displayed in the sequential order that they’re listed within the ‘My Products’ screen.



Have questions or need help organizing your products? Message us within the app!

PS: make sure that you're running the latest version of Bakesy


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